In the works

In addition to lacking a little self promotion, I desperately need some encouragement to complete a bunch of projects that I’ve poured many hours and love into, but just haven’t gotten to the point of publishing.  As a little bit of a kick to my own rear, I thought I would post a short list of the most pressing projects here, along with details about what it will take to get them complete.

Low Poly Medieval Marketplace

What I have modeled and textured:

  • weathered market stand with 3 colored tarp variations
  • weathered wooden crate
  • weathered wooden table and benches
  • 15 fruits and vegetables
  • woven basket
  • sack of grain
  • tileable cobblestone ground texture
  • bottles

What I need to do:

  • decide whether to publish individual textures or a single texture map (or both) for the fruts/vegetables
  • render new textures for glass bottles
  • do final export prep work, note poly counts, name all objects properly, test normals, remove double verts
  • export to .fbx or .obj or both, test in Unity
  • create promotional materials (renders, graphics, text)
  • publish

Rustic Construction Site

What I have modeled and textured:

  • weathered wooden scaffolding and ladder
  • rustic bucket, saw, hammer, tongs
  • tree stump with anvil

What I need to do:

  • decide for or against additional props (fire pit/forge, logs, hut, coiled rope, trees, more?)
  • decide whether and how to model and texture rope ties
  • re-model support poles
  • prep, test, export, promote, publish

Desert Foliage

What I have modeled and textured:

  • saguaro cactus, 3 varieties
  • blooming ocotillo
  • blooming agave
  • tumble weed
  • boulders
  • textures only, palo verde tree

What I need to do:

  • render desert ground textures (dirt, rock, rocky dirt, dry grass)
  • render vertical grass textures for terrain
  • decide whether to finish modeling palo verde tree
  • modify blooming models for non blooming versions
  • prep, test, export, promote, publish

Horror Props

What I have modeled and textured:

  • texture only, dungeon walls
  • high poly skull, low poly skull
  • shackles and chains
  • candles
  • gravestones only, no texture
  • medium poly creepy tree
  • harvest moon
  • pumpkin

What I need to do:

  • brainstorm scene and additional props
  • design and model original jack-o-lantern face for pumpkin
  • texture gravestones
  • model spiderweb candelabra and candle variations, texture flame (animate?)

Dragon Dozer Game

What I have:

  • environment and game piece models and textures
  • dragon model, texture and animation
  • projectile system
  • collision set up on most models

What I need to do:

  • find a way to add realistic collision to animated model
  • create UI graphics
  • implement UI
  • really a lot more but those are the big obstacles

Simple Sign Animation

What I have:

  • chain models
  • rig
  • animation
  • sign texture

What I need:

  • simple sign model
  • add rig
  • export, test in Unity
  • publish

Weathered Old Books

What I have:

  • two book models, open and closed
  • hundreds of texture options (ornate, plain, new, destroyed, multiple finishes, endless colors)

What I need:

  • decide on an adequate number of textures to offer
  • export textures
  • process textures for multiple resolutions
  • create promotional materials (renders, graphics, text)
  • publish

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