The trouble with dragon collisions update

I believe I may have found the solution to my trouble with dragon collisions.  If you recall, the issue was that I want to be able to throw objects at my animated dragon, and have collisions register all over the body, but I had discovered that you can’t add a mesh collider to an animated object.  You can only add primitive colliders (capsule, cube, sphere) to individual bones of the rig, which was making the prospect of creating a smooth, animated dragon wing that registers collisions, a nightmare.

Until I stumbled across this video, which explains Unity’s interactive cloth:

The demonstration of a soccer goal net reacting to balls thrown at it realistically seems to be the exact solution I need.  We shall see!


2 thoughts on “The trouble with dragon collisions update

  1. Sadly it appears that with the new, fantastic Unity 5.0 update, the cloth physics have been revamped. So far all of my tests to get wing collision working have failed. I got cloth wings working on my dragon and they look/act great, but you can’t hit them with the instantiated projectiles. Submitted a question to the Unity community and awaiting responses. Pouting a tad in the meantime.

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