Updating my site

Recently I announced to friends and family that I’m reverting back to my old name, Laurie Annis.  I’m going to keep my kids’ last name legally until they are all 18, but I’ve been switching to the new/old name in other ways until then.

Toward that end I’ve been updating my accounts on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress and so forth, but I’ve also completely revamped my website and changed the address to HyperbeamGraphics.com.  I’ve transitioned what once was a portfolio site into a gallery of my many services.

The main portion of the newly redesigned site is the shop where I sell 3d models, textures and graphics for indie games.  I’ve gotten pretty good at customizing the Ecwid shopping cart, so if you need any help on your own shop site, hit me up!  There’s also a section of all the shops I run with my original 2D and 3D artwork on everything from jewelry to gift wrap.  I even dedicated a portion of the page to tutorials I’ve published.

I’ve been brushing up on my web design skills and switched to a responsive design for the whole site, learning a thing or two about bootstrap along the way.  I’m currently working to upgrade my demo Unity environments to the Web GL format that will be more widely supported going forward.

So there it is, the latest news on my site update.  As always it’s a work in progress, but I’d be pleased if you paid it a visit!


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