Thank you, Former Me!

Just a little n00bie indie dev “in the trenches” update.  Working on my Mx. Pet Rock app this week (the one with googly eye collision issues that inspired my Dragon Dozer app fixes) and feeling gratitude to my Former Self for having figured something out — a simple scene change menu script — months ago, and saved it in a readable, reusable fashion.

It’s difficult when you’re a complete novice at programming, to annotate (comment) your work, not just clearly, but correctly too.  Some of my prehistoric understanding of code was just wildly off the mark (I’m talking “if this, then this” when in fact “this caused that”), so going back and trying to reuse snippets I wrote months ago is a mixed bag.  But yesterday, my old button/menu solution just worked.  YAY!

Former Me apparently did a bunch of research and testing that resulted in delightfully *working code*, and I love her for that because Present Me couldn’t find the answer despite hours of prayer to the Google Gods.  I just wish Former Me had left a few more breadcrumbs.

Anyway, with that I will leave you with this little tidbit of memegold linked to me by my lifepartnerextraordinaire:



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