What to do…

As an introduction, I figure I should explain exactly what my blog is about and what I plan to post here in the future.  As my bio will tell you, I’m a modeling and texture artist.  I create 3D game environment props, textures and various other graphics, and I sell individual pieces à la carte in a couple of different markets, for indie game developers to use in their game environments.  I am currently experimenting with the best way to deliver and sell my art, hence this blog.  I have a few tiling texture sets on the Unity Asset Store, a few textures on the Envato 3DOcean marketplace, and I host my own Asset Store on my own website using the robust Ecwid shopping cart system.  

So far I have had the most sales through the Unity Asset Store, however I’ve also published more in the form of texture packs there than anywhere else (a whopping three packs, hah).  I have high hopes for the Envato Marketplace as well, I just haven’t published enough new products recently to get a good feel for how sales will go there.  I haven’t received any sales at all on my own Asset Store, however I blame that on the fact that self promotion is probably my least favorite thing about art.  I think that’s also why I do so much better in a marketplace where people are already drawn to shop and the hosts do the promotion for you.

Regardless, I received what I thought was an excellent tip for freelancers the other day, and that was to devote some time to blogging about your work, as a way to help more customers find you.  So far I’ve tweeted and tumblr’ed and facebooked, and I even posted a bit of deviantart.  I tried youtubing some tutorials as well, but felt awkward and inadequate.  So far the only thing I haven’t done much is writing, which is ironic, since it comes quite naturally to me as an author.  So as they say, here goes nothing!