Updating my site

Recently I announced to friends and family that I’m reverting back to my old name, Laurie Annis.  I’m going to keep my kids’ last name legally until they are all 18, but I’ve been switching to the new/old name in other ways until then.

Toward that end I’ve been updating my accounts on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress and so forth, but I’ve also completely revamped my website and changed the address to HyperbeamGraphics.com.  I’ve transitioned what once was a portfolio site into a gallery of my many services.

The main portion of the newly redesigned site is the shop where I sell 3d models, textures and graphics for indie games.  I’ve gotten pretty good at customizing the Ecwid shopping cart, so if you need any help on your own shop site, hit me up!  There’s also a section of all the shops I run with my original 2D and 3D artwork on everything from jewelry to gift wrap.  I even dedicated a portion of the page to tutorials I’ve published.

I’ve been brushing up on my web design skills and switched to a responsive design for the whole site, learning a thing or two about bootstrap along the way.  I’m currently working to upgrade my demo Unity environments to the Web GL format that will be more widely supported going forward.

So there it is, the latest news on my site update.  As always it’s a work in progress, but I’d be pleased if you paid it a visit!


Simple swinging sign update

Recently I did a significant amount of work on one of my previously mentioned “To Do” items: Simple Sign Animation and figured I should update my blog to let you know where to find it.  Instead of simply adding my swinging sign animation as a new game object for sale on my Asset Shoppe, I’ve posted an entire tutorial on how to create your own in Blender and import it with the animation into Unity:


I’ve even added a little demo environment where you can walk around and see the animation play in real time:


In the process of creating an entire tutorial, I decided to dedicate a space for future tutorials, and have also added a nifty one on creating a realistic pine tree for games, using a series of particle effects converted to real objects.  Check it out!



In the works

In addition to lacking a little self promotion, I desperately need some encouragement to complete a bunch of projects that I’ve poured many hours and love into, but just haven’t gotten to the point of publishing.  As a little bit of a kick to my own rear, I thought I would post a short list of the most pressing projects here, along with details about what it will take to get them complete.

Low Poly Medieval Marketplace

What I have modeled and textured:

  • weathered market stand with 3 colored tarp variations
  • weathered wooden crate
  • weathered wooden table and benches
  • 15 fruits and vegetables
  • woven basket
  • sack of grain
  • tileable cobblestone ground texture
  • bottles

What I need to do:

  • decide whether to publish individual textures or a single texture map (or both) for the fruts/vegetables
  • render new textures for glass bottles
  • do final export prep work, note poly counts, name all objects properly, test normals, remove double verts
  • export to .fbx or .obj or both, test in Unity
  • create promotional materials (renders, graphics, text)
  • publish

Rustic Construction Site

What I have modeled and textured:

  • weathered wooden scaffolding and ladder
  • rustic bucket, saw, hammer, tongs
  • tree stump with anvil

What I need to do:

  • decide for or against additional props (fire pit/forge, logs, hut, coiled rope, trees, more?)
  • decide whether and how to model and texture rope ties
  • re-model support poles
  • prep, test, export, promote, publish

Desert Foliage

What I have modeled and textured:

  • saguaro cactus, 3 varieties
  • blooming ocotillo
  • blooming agave
  • tumble weed
  • boulders
  • textures only, palo verde tree

What I need to do:

  • render desert ground textures (dirt, rock, rocky dirt, dry grass)
  • render vertical grass textures for terrain
  • decide whether to finish modeling palo verde tree
  • modify blooming models for non blooming versions
  • prep, test, export, promote, publish

Horror Props

What I have modeled and textured:

  • texture only, dungeon walls
  • high poly skull, low poly skull
  • shackles and chains
  • candles
  • gravestones only, no texture
  • medium poly creepy tree
  • harvest moon
  • pumpkin

What I need to do:

  • brainstorm scene and additional props
  • design and model original jack-o-lantern face for pumpkin
  • texture gravestones
  • model spiderweb candelabra and candle variations, texture flame (animate?)

Dragon Dozer Game

What I have:

  • environment and game piece models and textures
  • dragon model, texture and animation
  • projectile system
  • collision set up on most models

What I need to do:

  • find a way to add realistic collision to animated model
  • create UI graphics
  • implement UI
  • really a lot more but those are the big obstacles

Simple Sign Animation

What I have:

  • chain models
  • rig
  • animation
  • sign texture

What I need:

  • simple sign model
  • add rig
  • export, test in Unity
  • publish

Weathered Old Books

What I have:

  • two book models, open and closed
  • hundreds of texture options (ornate, plain, new, destroyed, multiple finishes, endless colors)

What I need:

  • decide on an adequate number of textures to offer
  • export textures
  • process textures for multiple resolutions
  • create promotional materials (renders, graphics, text)
  • publish

What to do…

As an introduction, I figure I should explain exactly what my blog is about and what I plan to post here in the future.  As my bio will tell you, I’m a modeling and texture artist.  I create 3D game environment props, textures and various other graphics, and I sell individual pieces à la carte in a couple of different markets, for indie game developers to use in their game environments.  I am currently experimenting with the best way to deliver and sell my art, hence this blog.  I have a few tiling texture sets on the Unity Asset Store, a few textures on the Envato 3DOcean marketplace, and I host my own Asset Store on my own website using the robust Ecwid shopping cart system.  

So far I have had the most sales through the Unity Asset Store, however I’ve also published more in the form of texture packs there than anywhere else (a whopping three packs, hah).  I have high hopes for the Envato Marketplace as well, I just haven’t published enough new products recently to get a good feel for how sales will go there.  I haven’t received any sales at all on my own Asset Store, however I blame that on the fact that self promotion is probably my least favorite thing about art.  I think that’s also why I do so much better in a marketplace where people are already drawn to shop and the hosts do the promotion for you.

Regardless, I received what I thought was an excellent tip for freelancers the other day, and that was to devote some time to blogging about your work, as a way to help more customers find you.  So far I’ve tweeted and tumblr’ed and facebooked, and I even posted a bit of deviantart.  I tried youtubing some tutorials as well, but felt awkward and inadequate.  So far the only thing I haven’t done much is writing, which is ironic, since it comes quite naturally to me as an author.  So as they say, here goes nothing!